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R.I.P. Karyn Washington
Creator of ForBrownGirls and the DarkSkinRedLipProject

We’re sad to hear that a beautiful spirit and role model has departed. WFDC sends out its condolences. We’re overjoyed by the multitude of women that Karyn was able to uplift and inspire.

You will be missed.

Karyn apparently committed suicide. She will be missed. RIP.

Oh man……my heart literally plummeted to the ground.




Célebre foto de la Guerra de Abril por Juan Pérez Terrero. En ésta, el dominicano Senén Sosa se resiste a la orden del marine de que recogiera una basura. Fue capturada en la Calle el Conde Esq Espaillat. Dicen que el dominicano estaba borracho.

así mimo, coño!!!!

Halfway around the world and on America’s doorstep, on 27 April 1965, the US Marines invaded the Dominican Republic. A recent article has identified a certain Jacobo Rincón as the one defying a Marine’s orders in these famous photographs; this gentleman tells the story here.

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